How to hook up MIDI keyboard to FL studio (Oxygen 49)

This is for the people that asked me in my unboxing video how to hook it up with FL, Its too easy! Enjoy. Rate, comment, subscribe for the new viewers!
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  • epicdatdude says:

    Also do you have a video on how to record a complete song from beginning to end? Into/verse/hook/ so on and so fourth, I been trying to learn fruity loops for a while and cant figure it out.

  • gaking322 says:

    Good vid

  • epicdatdude says:

    How do you assign different drum sounds to different keys on your midi keyboard? I have a M audio keyrig 49 and I can only record one drum sound at a time, how do I record a kick and a snare drum at the same time?

  • coatipanama says:

    Hi, how does the M-Audio Oxygen 49 behaves with the FL Studio, I am planning to get one, but I have read a few mixed feedback’s on the web, so I’m just wondering on your own experience with it, how it does with FL? any bug what so ever? appreciate your opinion.

  • BoneB100 says:

    How do u link ur sliders and knobs permanently to Fl Studio? Oxygen 61

  • gorakatigeryea says:


  • lw155371lx says:

    im trying 2 connect my nano key ive been watching alot of youtube videos, but its still not working it wont show up in the little box where you enable it. I was told that it could be a camera drive but i dont have a camera drive installed, i recently installed my fasttrack m-audio and thats the only drive i have installed, what could it be??

  • MrYungAce15 says:

    Does this keyboard work on windows 7 computers and if so does it have a driver for it????anyone if you know dis answer please reply back. Thanks.


    yo ricanjoe did u have 2 run the keyboard 2 a audio interface

  • ctguy1955 says:

    I bought mine yesterday and Ive spent HOURS trying to get it to work.

    Software is the issue, not the keyboard or its drivers.

    You rock man !!!!!

  • crockman1 says:

    daank beat ADAP (as dank as possible)

  • jarir93 says:

    i connected the usb to the computer but when i open my fl studio theres no sound.. and theres no sign of my midi controller in midi settings. HELP. thanks in advanced.

  • RellyRellProductions says:

    @RicanJoeMusic Can you get the mixer part of the Ox49 to work with fruity loops. Or what program is good to use with it?

  • DJMARO33 says:

    with fl studio 9.5 or bigger they recognise it totally and transpor buttons work same with program buttons :D

  • jeronimo2k9 says:

    Hey i cant hear nothing? i configured too! please help me

  • DJTriniboi says:

    Can you reply saying the name of the …FX thing u played on the keyboard? thanx

  • Roddy727 says:

    @RicanJoeMusic Thanks a lot bro! This video helped me 1,000,000%! I couldn’t figure out how to use my Oxygen 49. I was selecting it, but I wasn’t enabling it. Lol Thanks again bro! That beat is nice too by the way.

  • freedomrff says:

    yea how do u do this with pro tools

  • Arundeep333 says:

    can u help me wid hokkin dis wid pro tools!!

  • santiago458 says:

    Do you use Acid Pro? If yes, can you do a video about how to connect the midi keyboard to Acid?


    can this keyboard connect into a sound card???like i dont know a tascam???

  • gpbeatz says:

    i love you thank you

  • BigRicTheMc says:

    @krazycore yeah on fl studio (i have fl studio 9) ur gonna see some “buttons” on the top of da program. theres one that has a small icon dat looks lyk a piano. just click it an the button should light up. (im sorry lol its hard to xplain thru da comments) but i hope dat somewhat helps lol.

  • GOGlllChicago says:

    this still dont help damn please help me

  • Hgswitches says:

    im buying an oxygen 49 tomoro :) …….can the sliders and knobs be linked to control the cutoff, resolution ect…????

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